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What people say about us

Amrita Ahuja testimonial

Amrita Ahuja

Founder and CEO of Groundwork
Vancouver, British Columbia

"I was in search of an executive coach to support me in my role as the Managing Director of a well known branding agency in Vancouver, Canada. With James, I  found perspective on the whole of the business that shifted my decision making and profoundly impacted the stabilization of the company in the tumultuous covid-economic era. I was able to be deeply present with the circumstances upon us and successfully pivot the company. He is my closest trustee, a person with whom I engage in deep reflection to continually find the course of right action. I am experiencing success beyond my wildest dreams with James by my side."

Lisa Marie Platske testimonial

Lisa Marie Platske

President, Upside Thinking, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia

"James has a special gift for making visible the hidden patterns that are impacting our personal and professional lives so that we can step fully into our roles as leaders in service to the world. I have experienced his work personally and have brought him in as a trainer to a number of my leadership events as I appreciate how his teachings provide powerful insights and transformations for all."

Tara Gray testimonial

Tara Gray

Executive Producer of Live Event
Los Angeles, California

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself burned out and my career as an Executive Producer of Live Events on hold. I was looking for guidance to navigate this transition and discovered James. His consulting helped me access a deeper level of understanding and awareness within myself.  I was able to engage in some profound healing, in a way that I could never tackle through traditional methods.   After a year of working with James, I have re-discovered my core values and find myself truly connected in mind, body and soul. The healing is apparent in all aspects of my life. I found my spark again and it’s infectious.”