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Amrita Ahuja testimonial

Amrita Ahuja

Founder and CEO of Groundwork, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I was in search of an executive coach to support me in my role as the Managing Director of a well-known branding agency in Vancouver, Canada. With James, I found perspective on the whole of the business that shifted my decision making and profoundly impacted the stabilization of the company in the tumultuous covid-economic era. I was able to be deeply present with the circumstances upon us and successfully pivot the company. He is my closest trustee, a person with whom I engage in deep reflection to continually find the course of right action. I am experiencing success beyond my wildest dreams with James by my side."

Lisa Marie Platske testimonial

Lisa Marie Platske

President, Upside Thinking, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia

"James has a special gift for making visible the hidden patterns that are impacting our personal and professional lives so that we can step fully into our roles as leaders in service to the world. I have experienced his work personally and have brought him in as a trainer to a number of my leadership events as I appreciate how his teachings provide powerful insights and transformations for all."

Tara Gray testimonial

T. Gray

Executive Producer of Live Events
Los Angeles, California

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself burned out and my career as an Executive Producer of Live Events on hold. I was looking for guidance to navigate this transition and discovered James. His consulting helped me access a deeper level of understanding and awareness within myself.  I was able to engage in some profound healing, in a way that I could never tackle through traditional methods.   After a year of working with James, I have re-discovered my core values and find myself truly connected in mind, body and soul. The healing is apparent in all aspects of my life. I found my spark again and it’s infectious.”

Barbara Wittman testimonial

Barbara Wittmann

Executive Coach & IT Entrepreneur
Loveland, Colorado

"James is a master at looking at situations from an eagle eyes perspective and connecting the dots between people, place, behavior and events. He gives hands on and actionable advice to strengthen leadership, bring clarity to personal boundaries and behavioral patterns. As business owners we all function on a GPS system that sometimes is flawed and takes us off path. James supports in drawing a map with different layers that we can use as North Star when our GPS signal is spotty.”

Tia Kelly testimonial

Tia Kelly

Life Coach & Co-Founder of Global Sorority
Cardiff, California

"I can’t say enough good things about James and his amazing work in the world. It’s hard to find anyone who leads from such a clean, self-aware space. His work is transformative, and his teaching and facilitation is masterful."

Pat Duckworth testimonial

Pat Duckworth

Women's Health Strategist and Host of the Hot Women Rock Radio Show,
Cambridge, England

“James’s work is so profound, gentle, and respectful. I felt a real shift while doing our work together. It feels like it's really transforming something deep inside me, and I can't wait to get back and start working from this new space with my own clients."

Valerie René Sheppard testimonial for James Woeber

Valerie René Sheppard

Self-Mastery Expert and Facilitator of The Bliss Collective
Irvine, California

"I have been blessed and thrilled to welcome James Woeber as a leadership and communications expert to present in my Living 101 and 102: Being Happy and Whole© courses at the University of California, Irvine. I’ve received glowing feedback from my students on how his teachings about creating positive outcomes through communication, coupled with his finely-tuned guidance through experiential exercises and Q&A, deepened their awareness of themselves and helped them better interpret interpersonal dynamics."

Giselle Rouvier testimonial

Giselle Rouvier

Well-Being Expert and Yoga Trainer
Madrid, Spain

"I was blown away by the healing power of the constellations as I felt a great energy shift and life seemed to effortlessly guide me to a better place. My new perspectives will now inform my work, family and life forever. My experience of the Constellation sessions and training is that of being held and guided in an atmosphere of profound safety and integrity. James's depth of knowledge, experience, sensitivity, intuition and facilitation skills are unparalleled in my 20 years of self-exploration. He has an amazing gift and it has been a privilege to experience his work.”

Mary Frances Makichen testimonial

Mary-Frances Makichen

Intuitive Strategist and Consultant
Denver, Colorado

"Through working with James, I was able to deepen my own self-confidence while gaining valuable insight into working more holistically with my own clients. James provided an incredibly supportive environment, an immense depth of knowledge and hands-on learning opportunities that turned theory into action.”

Ben Gioia testimonial

Ben Gioia

3x Bestselling Author and Creator of Publish, Position, and Profit MasterPlan
San Francisco, California

"I’m so excited to share about James Woeber and the amazing work he does with Family Constellations and Business Constellations.We did some really, really deep work in my family system that helped heal dynamics that has led to improved relationships within my family. There have also been really big benefits in my work, how I interact with people, and my ability to deliver deeper and deeper transformations in my work, as well."

Danielle Blum testimonial

Danielle Blum

Business Strategist & Leadership Trainer
San Diego, California

"James is an incredibly gifted leader in the personal development space. His attunement to subtle energy and his grounded nature has made him one of my favorite teachers. I’ve learned so much about myself, my relationship dynamics, and how to go deep within. Forever grateful."

Annemarie Shrouder testimonial

Annemarie Shrouder

EDI Consultant and International Best Selling Author
Toronto, Canada

"James Woeber's gentleness and compassion make him a strong channel for awareness and healing. Each constellation has provided powerful insights, which have helped me to step forward into my life more fully, more courageously, and with more awareness. I feel more connected to my ancestors, and more peacefully connected with myself and my family.  Constellation work is amazing, and James' facilitation is a blessing that adds a layer of warmth and safety.”

Danette Montoya testimonial

Danette Montoya

Boulder, Colorado

“Being in the Transformation from Within Leadership Program was a deeply gratifying experience that taught me the inner workings of constellation therapy and energy work as well as giving me the opportunity to dive deeper into my own co-creation. I feel I walked away with many tools to add to my bag and am grateful for the evolution it contributed to my work in service.”

Bob Solomon testimonial

Bob Solomon

San Diego, California

“James Woeber is a gifted coach, healer and teacher. My 14-year association with James, participating in numerous workshops, classes, and individual sessions, has been nothing less than life changing.  James has helped me to become a more sensitive, caring, compassionate, grounded, and joyful person. I will be forever grateful to you James!"

Kim Roberts

Life Coach
San Diego, California

“James is an incredibly gifted teacher, facilitator and healer. I've had the privilege of gaining an abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and growth through his classes and sessions over the years. He comes from a place of deep understanding, love and integrity in all that he brings to the world. It has been invaluable working one on one with him to heal old patterns and help bring me into alignment with my highest good and life's purpose. Now I'm integrating principles of wellness and wholeness into my coaching practice with beautiful results.”

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, CodeLab

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, ZooTv

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, Ideaa System


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"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, Aven

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