Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Repatterning?

Energy repatterning is a contemporary healing system that is rooted in ancient traditions. Also known as energy medicine or energy healing, it offers tremendous benefit as a stand alone modality or as an integrative approach in partnership with other therapies.

At its essence, energy repatterning supports the body, mind and spirit to return to a natural state of balance, flow and wholeness.  When we are out of balance in any area of our life—whether it has manifested as a physical illness, emotional imbalance, mental discord, outward crisis, etc.—it is a reflection of a suppressed or distorted flow in our energetic system. We can facilitate a healing of the dysfunctional energy pattern by providing a more coherent, higher vibration of energy to repattern and realign the system so it returns to its innate, whole state.

The natural progression of all of life is towards wholeness and reunification with Spirit. The energy therapist serves as a catalyst or facilitator for this healing movement by strengthening, balancing and enhancing the vital life force energy. As a result, an organic unwinding occurs, past traumas and misperceptions that created the distortion come to the surface to be cleared, and the person’s energetic system returns to a state of balance and wholeness. This realignment creates greater health, peace and well-being in one’s personal and professional life.

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What is Family/Systemic Constellation Work?

Systemic Constellation work is a powerful modality that helps you to gain deep insight and resolution with issues in your personal and professional life. The work provides a safe, experiential environment for exploring the underlying root dynamics that are creating dysfunction or well-being in a group or a system, and how you can help facilitate positive solutions.

In a constellation we step into a living matrix wherein the relationships we’ve formed with ourselves, our ancestry, our current family and friends, our work associates, and/or our future are illuminated, offering a valuable reflection of how we can create more balance, health, and well-being. To the inexperienced observer, the constellation can look a bit like an impromptu play or roleplaying, however this organic process goes much deeper and accesses the brilliance of your own subconscious and the greater whole to animate the dynamics and provide insights and resolutions. Various key elements (people, places, things, concepts, etc.) of the group or system are “represented” to gain clarity on how they are functioning within the family, community, organization, etc.

Through the process we experience a profound transformation around the issue, gaining powerful insights and healing around what is creating disharmony and dysfunction within the system, how we can show up differently to facilitate positive change, and what choices and final resolution best serve everyone involved.  This versatile process can help you gain clarity and create successful outcomes around a variety of issues, including your life purpose, organizational dynamics, specific career choices or projects, romantic relationships, family dynamics, health issues, money, and abundance… to name just a few.

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